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Jewel quest solitaire


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Jewel quest solitaire is an flash world of solitaire game playable only on pc.
Now jewel quest is available in deluxe version full online.
Use your mouse to play and read the instructions from the game to familiarize with the type of games.
The goal of jewel quest solitaire is to move all cards from the layout to the Fondation pile.Cards that are one value higher or lower than the Foundation card are playable.When there are no valid plays, filp a card from the Stock and try again.
Jewels are dropped onto the board based on how th play the card.The jewel dropped will maatch the suit of the card that is played.Earn jewels by playing long runs of secquential cards and another one when suits match.Gold spaces are worth bonus points.Golden spaces are wons during card play when three or more jewels of the same type are lined up horizontally or Verically on the Jewel Board. A “Swap” is earned every time cards match suits.A Swap allow jewels to be moved around Jewel Board play.