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Play online in-browser Skip-Bo a retro card game in 2 player mode vs computer.The game conssists in four type of games such as: adventure Skip-bo,classic Skip-bo, speed skip-boand Team skip-bo.

Your arrival on the Vulcano Island has angered the Old volcano.You must appease by winning 10 Tribal Challenges, you will play matches of the ancient and revered game of SKIP-BO with the islanders.
The goal of SKIP-BO is to be the first player to play all your stock pile cards.The number about your stock pile cards how many stocks pile cards you have left.
Building piles may only be started with an 1 card SKIP-BO card.Add to building piles by playing cards from your hand.Discard pile and stock pile
Click and drag your 1 card to create thew first building pile.Once a building pile has started, a new slot will become available.You can have up to 4 building piles.